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For The Girls

Girls, I got sick of looking at mainstream porn - it was so male oriented! So I got together with a friend of mine and together we created For The Girls.

For The Girls is an online erotic magazine designed specifically for women like YOU. :)

We've added the kind of porn that we ourselves like - gorgeous men who get us hot, and wonderful couples photos and movies. We've tried to avoid all the macho crap that you find in men's porn. There's more intimacy, more focus on the woman's pleasure. It's still just as hardcore, but it's much more female friendly.

On top of that there's a whole women's magazine to enjoy - heaps of articles, interviews, erotic fiction, sex advice, humor, columns, news and fun and games.

I know you're sick of trawling through men's sites looking for hot porn that won't offend you. You've finally found what you're looking for. For The Girls is REAL women's erotica, made for women, by women.

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